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It’s starting to look like spring has arrived. With plus zero temperatures predicted for most days over the next couple of weeks, it’s about to get wet. A little preventative maintenance is in order if you’d like to keep the spring melt off from ending up in your basement.


Here are our top ten tips to prevent a basement flood.


  • Remove snow from around your foundation and window wells.
  • Most lots drain along the outside edges. Remove snow from these areas.
  • Keep the snow in your yard because shoveling it onto streets or lanes could block drainage.
  • Clear snow and ice from around the bottom of your downspouts and extend downspouts at least two metres so water drains away from your foundation.
  • Where possible and safe, help clear snow, ice, and debris from the catch basins in your area.
  • Check your roof and eaves troughs for excessive snow.
  • Consider hiring a professional to clear snow from your roof.
  • A roof rake may help you to clear snow and debris from the edge of your roof.
  • Consider using sandbags to block water from entering low-lying areas beside your foundation.
  • If water is getting close to your foundation, use an appropriate pump to drain it to the gutter or back lane.

Best wishes for a dry spring.




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