Neighbourhood renewal is a difficult process and perception is a big part of the battle

Curtis Olson wrote an excellent post called “It’s good in the hood,” on the Saskatoon Speaks blog. He talks about the renewal that’s occurring in the Riversdale area and how the area is changing as new people move in.

This kind of renewal is hard and it takes a long time but new development in South Caswell Hill and at River Landing could certainly bring lots of positive change to the relatively small residential neighbourhood that enjoys a wonderful location along the edge of the river and the Central Business District. There certainly seems to be a committed group of thoughtful and progressive people leading the charge for change.

The discussion and debate that follows is particularly interesting. Clearly, fear is a major factor, at least for those who are outside looking in. Finding ways to address those fears would be a major step forward.

Check his post out here.

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Norm Fisher
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  1. Harald McArthur says:

    I’ve lived in Riversdale for the past 3 years, and honestly I’ve had almost no problem at all. There’s a former Sask Premiere a few houses down, my neighbour is a publisher, his wife is a curator of a Saskatchewan Art Gallery, my other neighbour is a helpful fellow who takes out my garbage when I forget, and that’s just within a few houses of mine. People in the area are quiet and friendly and while I can understand why people are hesitant at first because it is in transition, you seriously can’t find housing this affordable, close to walking distance downtown, right beside the most scenic park in Saskatchewan, a few blocks from the farmers market, etc. anywhere else in Saskatoon. Even Broadway is only a 15 min walk away.