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Typical homes found in the Evergreen area of SaskatoonEvergreen is one of Saskatoon's newest neighbourhoods. Development began in 2010 with the first home sale recorded on the MLS® in May of 2011. Evergreen continues to grow and develop at a rapid pace but there is little data available for analysis at this time.


Evergreen's location adds to its uniqueness, being surrounded almost entirely by parks and open fields. Its northern boundary is the northeast swale, an untouched prairie remnant. The eastern and southern borders are formed by land that is dedicated to agricultural research. Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park forms the western border of Evergreen.


The neighbourhood is being designed to contain a broad variety of housing forms, approximately forty percent single family dwellings, and sixty percent multi-family dwellings, and offer housing opportunities at different levels of affordability. Evergreen is being modeled as a sustainable urban village. The design is intended to promote less dependence on motor vehicles and to provide residents an opportunity to participate in recreational, commercial and social events within the community. The neighbourhood concept is built around a village centre which includes a small commercial development and the core neighbourhood park. The area plan calls for a total of 42 acres of green space.


Evergreen is also being modeled to offer many "green" options. The streets have been designed so that the majority of residents receive the full benefits of the sun.

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