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Located in the southeast corner of Saskatoon, Lakewood is one of just a small handful of neighbourhoods that have no single-family detached houses. Developed since 2001, the most popular type of housing in this area is the town house condominium. In recent years, a number of apartments have also been constructed, most of them as condominiums.

As is often the case in condominium communities, Lakewood tends to attract higher income earners who appreciate the convenience of being able to lock up and leave with fewer security concerns than one might expect in a detached home. The population is almost entirely adult so there are no schools located in the area.

Trounce Pond provides a beautiful setting as you enter the area. It offers a large green space, walking trails, benches and a wonderful pond that attracts many types of birds.

Circle Drive provides easy access to the University of Saskatchewan campus and downtown Saskatoon. Golfers may appreciate nearby Wildwood Golf Course, a nine-hole municipal course that is just minutes from the area.

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View all homes for sale in Lakewood, Saskatoon on the MLS®
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  1. Thanks for the comment Shane.

    The demographic stats for our neighbourhood profiles are from the 2006 census and represent the most up to date numbers at this time. You’re certainly right that the area has grown substantially since these numbers were first released and we’re looking forward to updating them when the 2010 census numbers are made public.

    I suppose that over the years, Lakewood has provided an opportunity for many to enter the real estate market at lower price point than is available in most other east side locations but it’s definitely not a terrific family area. It’s always had it’s greatest appeal with entry-level buyers, singles, and even young professionals without kids.

  2. I’m on my third year in Lakewood. I have to drive my kids to another neighborhood for school, as do all of the other families in the area; there are quite a few here, more than what the description seems to let on.

    While it IS nice to be near the outskirts of the city (it’s exceptionally cool to hear the coyotes howling!), the bus service is poor (one roughly every half hour in early morning, less during the day), the houses all look the same (it feels like living in a barracks or work camp), and while there is a walking park, the rest of the area is rather barren. The lack of a proper community association means we have to other areas for activities as well.

    I can’t see this area ever becoming more than an area that people hunker down in until they can afford to move to a more mature area, with greenery and personality; Lakewood doesn’t seem to be set up to become more than that.

  3. I’ve lived in Lakewood for years now and I’m always amazed by the difference between what this area looks like from the outside and how it feels to live here. To look at it, you’d think you’d feel crowded and overwhelmed by people. But, it’s just the opposite. We’re on the outside of town. There is so much open space – you can still see the sky clearly at night. There are always people walking their dogs or just exercising. It feels like a community not a commune as it may appear like. It’s great to be walking distance from the grocery store. And there’s surprisingly very little traffic. I love living here and will miss it when we have a family and move away.


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