River Landing penis no big deal

Saskatoon River Landing

Everyone’s talking about it, but apparently nobody is complaining about local artist Doug Taylor’s snow sculpture of a pair of magic mushrooms, one of which has a stem shaped like a penis.

Taylor’s sculpture is one of seven gracing the bank of the South Saskatchewan River at River Landing. They were carved last weekend from snow blocks weighing sixteen tonnes, and standing 2.5 metres tall.

I’m sorry to say that Star Phoenix reporter Darren Bernhardt has beat me to the best lines one could possibly come up with. Darren notes in his piece published Wednesday that the sculpture was, “erected over the weekend,” and that “It sticks out from the wholesome snow sculptures…like a…well, giant penis.”

Laura Hale, a Saskatoon artist who organized the display for the Meewasin Valley Authority told the Star Phoenix, “Some people around here have said ‘I don’t see it at all.’ I guess it’s how you look at it.”

Well Laura, those people either need an eye test or an anatomy lesson because this work of art clearly resembles a penis, though as my wife pointed out, “it’s hardly a giant one.”

River Landing is located in the Central Business District of Saskatoon.


  1. Neil Simmons says:

    I suppose if the Penis mushroom was made concrete then parhaps people would disapprove.

  2. Maureen Francis says:

    Why is it that our most commented posts are about things like this or the Fish n’ Flush?

  3. Must be too late on a Monday night. I’m drawing a blank on the one-liners. We got a good laugh out of the post though.

    What did the mushroom say to the beaver? Like my stem.


    • Norm Fisher says:

      Toby, thanks. It’s amazing how a little penis talk can get a discussion going. :) The fact that it’s going absolutely nowhere is beside the point. :) Thanks for the visit.

  4. Dare I ask how close the sculpted mushroom was to the sculpted beaver?

    • Norm Fisher says:

      Oh, you sick, sick man! I have to admit that the beaver was on my mind as I wrote this post, but all of those one liners just sunk when I bounced them off of my wife. You might say I didn’t have “the balls” to work it into the writing. Thanks for bringing a little more levity to the post Jonathan.

  5. Maureen Francis says:

    Oh, geez, Norm. I never know what I am going to find when I get here, yet it is always worth the trip. I certainly wasn’t expecting a Canadian “members only” fest.

    • Norm Fisher says:

      Thanks Maureen. The Canadian real estate blogs are particularly tough to find so I thought I’d seperate them out. Thanks for coming by.

  6. Suffice to say, your article title really engorged, er, engaged my attention when viewing my newsreader this morning.