School enrollment continues to decline in Silverwood Heights

Declining enrollment at four Silverwood Heights elementary schools is a normal course in a neighbourhood’s development and maturation according to Ward 5 councillor Randy Donauer who represents the area on city council and also lives in the area.

This Global News report examines the causes behind declining enrollment.

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Norm Fisher
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  1. Thanks for the comment and the feedback Ringo. This year, we’re going to be trying a bit harder to touch on the stories that affect our neighbourhoods. These automatically trackback to the appropriate neighbourhood page on our site, and I think over time, they’ll give people a pretty good feel for an area.

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been impacted by the changes in the French program. If it’s any consolation, my kids both went to Ecole River Heights and we found it to be a real top shelf school with great leadership and wonderful teachers. Hope you’ll find the same.

  2. Unfortunately, removing the english streaming from Sister O’Brien also affects their french enrollment. We have 1 child wanting French immersion, and 1 who is already established in English school. We will now have to bus them to Ecole River heights school, as it is the only option open to us to keep both children together. It’s also noteable that there are 4 schools in Silverwood Heights – 2 public English schools, 1 Catholic english school, and the french catholic school (whose enrollment is very small now that they’ve lost the few english students they had). The other 3 schools are actually quite full, though. There are tons of kids in the area, and hopefully now that Sister O’Brien can focus solely on their french program, their numbers will catch up to the other schools. It’s a loss to the commmunity no longer having a dual stream school though. It makes for some tough decisions for a lot of families who had children in both programs. Thanks for reporting this, Norm! We can always count on you to cover what’s important to the residents of the various areas of the city!