Home Staging – Selling Your Saskatoon Home for All It’s Worth: Let’s Get Down and Dirty

Please welcome guest contributor to TeamFisher.com, Rachel Vanderveen, a Calgary real estate blogger and home stager who will produce an eight-part series of home staging advice for our blog.

I’ve been a home stager and a Calgary Real Estate agent for many years now. The benefit of doing both jobs is that I get to implement the theories of staging in Calgary homes for sale, and I also get to see how they work by gauging a my buyer’s reaction to the scene that’s been set. I can tell you from personal experience, as well as statistically, that the jury has made its decision: staging works.

Norm has invited me here to his blog to help educate you on how to earn more money on the sale of your Saskatoon home, and you don’t need to do it by investing huge amount of money in renovations. The staging I do in Calgary works primarily with the items that are already existent in your home. I usually recommend a budget of $500 for homes listed at $300,000 or less, and a budget of $1000 for homes listed at $600,000 or less. Spending that money to spruce up your home is really the least of the investment you’ll be putting into your home. The biggest investment is going to be your time. Yes, it will take oodles of time to clean, de-clutter, organize and neutralize the spaces in your home, but it will pay off! Staged homes absolutely do sell faster and for more money than their unstaged competition. Statistics unanimously agree on this point. Now I can’t give you a range on your Saskatoon Home because I haven’t walked through your home, but you can bet that Norm can!

So where do we start? If we want to earn maximum dollars for our home, and spend the least amount of money, what is square one? Well, it’s pretty simple, and I bet you’ve already guessed it! A total, complete, inside-out and almost-manic cleaning job is where we begin our journey. Some of you out there, have a natural knack for cleaning, but most of you (the ones who are like me) have a dilly of a pickle trying to keep on top of the never-ending dust and grime that creeps up when you least expect it.

So before I get into what to do to decorate (or undecorate in most cases) your Saskatoon home and prepare it for sale, let’s get back to the basics. I want you to attack your baseboards, casings, walls, pantries, cupboard faces, faucets, floor corners, and every nook and cranny possible. Let’s face it; no one can really live that clean. It’s just not possible, but the kind of clean that you need to have when you list your home in Saskatoon, is the sort that will tell a story about you as a seller. People see an obsessively cleaned home, and they think that you are an obsessive-type person. Meaning, that every time the furnace broke down, you attended to it immediately and replaced the parts needed to perfection. When the roof had a leak, you were up there within hours and put only the most secure fixes on it to make sure it never leaked again. Like it or not, you’re selling yourselves as much as you’re selling your Saskatoon home. So this week, get down and dirty!

Until next time.


Rachel Vanderveen is Calgary Real Estate agent specializing in Calgary Condos, Home staging and Calgary Investment Real Estate. But more importantly she is a mother to four adorable children, and an avid Real Estate Blogger. For more information on buying or selling a Home in Calgary, or searching Calgary MLS Listings, visit her website here.

Remember, TeamFisher’s Full Service Marketing Plan includes a complimentary staging consultation to create a room by room plan to help you present your home at its very best. More details on our listing services are available here.


  1. Tom Foolry says:

    Excellent advice! It’s so much more work than I can usually do myself, so when I’ve had to sell my home in the past, I’ve always hired a home staging expert to do the job for me, because the results are always better than if I had done it!.


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